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Elasticsearch – Ignore special characters in query with pattern replace filter and custom analyzer

Using Elasticsearch 5, we had a field like drivers license number where values may include special characters and inconsistent upper/lower case behavior as the values were entered by the users with limited validation.  For example, these are hypothetical values: CA-123-456-789 … Continue reading

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GWT Error – Have you forgotten to annotate your event handler with @Presenter or @EventHandler?

In developing my GWT application today, I encountered this error: Have you forgotten to annotate your event handler with @Presenter or @EventHandler? This one was a struggle to track down.  In fact, the actual problem did not seem related to … Continue reading

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Let’s hope this works…

I am going to start posting solutions to problems I encounter while developing and deploying the applications I work on.  Hopefully I can help at least one other person out by saving them some time.  After all, if I had … Continue reading

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