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Elasticsearch – Ignore special characters in query with pattern replace filter and custom analyzer

Using Elasticsearch 5, we had a field like drivers license number where values may include special characters and inconsistent upper/lower case behavior as the values were entered by the users with limited validation.  For example, these are hypothetical values: CA-123-456-789 … Continue reading

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Elasticsearch 5 Determining if nested field exists

Consider an index with documents such as these, where the team location may or may not be populated: { “status” : “active”, “name” : “Jimmy Chitwood”, “team” : { “name” : “Hickory Huskers”, “location” : “Hickory, Indiana” } } Note … Continue reading

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Elasticsearch deprecation warning: [] sorting by ascending count is deprecated and will be removed in the next major version

I am currently attempting to upgrade from Elasticsearch 2.4.1 to Elasticsearch 5.  While running ES 2.4.1 I turned on deprecation logging and executed the following search  (which was generated by my application): GET publicaccess/cases/_search { “from” : 0, “size” : … Continue reading

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