Elasticsearch 5 Determining if nested field exists

Consider an index with documents such as these, where the team location may or may not be populated:

  "status" : "active",
  "name" : "Jimmy Chitwood",
  "team" : {
    "name" : "Hickory Huskers",
    "location" : "Hickory, Indiana"

Note how the document has a nested object “team”.

With Elastic 5.0, I wanted to run a query against this index that would only return documents that have a team.location.  I needed to wrap the “exists” query in a “nested” query.

This is the query I used:

  "from": 0,
  "size": 100,
  "query": {
    "bool": {
      "must": [
        "nested": {
          "path": "team",
          "query": {
            "exists": {
              "field": "team.location"


About stevewall123

I am a Lead Software Engineer in Minneapolis working for Thomson Reuters. I am currently working on projects using Java, JavaScript, Spring, Elasticsearch, Hazelcast, Liquibase and Tomcat. Previously, I used C#, GWT, Grails, Groovy, JMS and JBoss Drools Guvnor. In the past I have worked on projects using J2EE, Swing, Webwork, Hibernate, Spring, Spring-WS, JMS, JUnit and Ant.
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