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Spring Boot Web Application – Starting in Eclipse

I am going through the Spring Boot Getting Started Tutorial and trying to follow the steps in Eclipse (and not STS).  I made it to the end and was thrown off a little by how to “start” it up. I … Continue reading

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Fix for Eclispe generated WAR file not including Ivy libraries

I was using Eclipse to create a relatively simple Dynamic Web Project that used Ivy for dependency mangement.  Also, I wanted to use Eclipse’s export to a WAR feature so I would not need to write a build script.  My … Continue reading

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Eclipse Error: project facet java 1.7 is not supported by target runtime apache tomcat v6.0

We are upgrading some Java Projects from Java 6 to Java 7.  We use Eclipse yet still need to use Apache Tomcat 6.0.x.  After downloading and installing the a JDK 7 and changing all the necessary references in Project Preferences to Java … Continue reading

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Error running unit tests in Eclipse

I was using Eclipse to run my project’s unit tests and I received this error right away: The project: MyDependantProject which is referenced on the classpath, does not exist. I took a look at my projects Java Build Path configuration, … Continue reading

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Eclipse and Tomcat start up error – Error configuring application listener

Since it is now the second time I have encountered this problem while starting up Tomcat, I thought I would write down the solution so I actually remember it. First of all, here is the error I received when starting … Continue reading

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