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Using Grails formatDate in input tag’s value attribute

In my GSP, I had an input tag where I wanted to set the value attribute to a date, and then use jQuery’s Datepicker widget to render the date field.  The default date format for the Datepicker widget is ‘mm/dd/yy’.  … Continue reading

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Using a HSQLDB file on Tomcat

In my Grails application, I was using an HSQL Database.  However, I wanted changes to persist when restarting my server so I configured it to use the file system. dataSource {     dbCreate = “update”     url = “jdbc:hsqldb:file:DB/appDB;shutdown=true” } … Continue reading

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Groovy XML tip – Handling node names with periods

I came across a situation the other day where I had to write a web service where the client was going to be a popular front-end system that could dictate the structure of the request and response XML. The request … Continue reading

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Grails turned my spaces into plus signs!

The Problem I had a GSP that displayed results from a search using the Grails paginateAjax tag.  For awhile, everything was working fine and then we started to see some “erratic” behavior with the pagination.  The initial search would always … Continue reading

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GORM Tip – Table or view does not exist

Consider the following domain class where the class name and property names matched the database table name and field names.  Because this was true, I was hoping to rely on GORM “convention” and not configure any O/R mapping in the … Continue reading

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