Seeing Environment Variables from Command Line in Windows 7

Whenever I get a new machine, I always end up installing Java.  After the install, I like to bring up a command line and type “java -version” as a quick way to validate the installation. About half the time that does not work as I have either forgot to set my JAVA_HOME environment variable or (more likely) add “%JAVA_HOME%\bin” to my PATH environment variable.

At this point, I want to see the specific environment variables.  Instead of going through Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings (too many clicks) I want to just see them in my command shell.

This is documented all over the Internet, but I wanted to have this here for my own reference as it is really easy, yet I often forget it:


This will display:

JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_30

Perfect!  Now I can see the environment variable value.


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I am a Lead Software Engineer in Minneapolis working for Thomson Reuters. I am currently working on projects using Java, JavaScript, Spring, Elasticsearch, Hazelcast, Liquibase and Tomcat. Previously, I used C#, GWT, Grails, Groovy, JMS and JBoss Drools Guvnor. In the past I have worked on projects using J2EE, Swing, Webwork, Hibernate, Spring, Spring-WS, JMS, JUnit and Ant.
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