Get the browser to treat GWT Anchor as a hyperlink

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, I am in the process of learning GWT.  Today I noticed my GWT Anchor was not behaving correctly.  When I would hover over my anchor tag, the cursor would not change to the hand (or in proper CSS cursor property terms, the “pointer”).  Instead it changed to the “text” cursor.

I was using UiBinder and this was how I had declared my Anchor tag:

<g:Anchor ui:field="detailsLink"/>

GWT produced this HTML for my Anchor widget:

<a class="gwt-Anchor">Details</a>

There are two potential issues with the HTML generated.  The first is there is no “href” attribute.  If there was an “href” attribute, then the browser will treat the Anchor tag like a hyperlink.  The second is that there is no hover styling for the “gwt-Anchor” CSS class.

So there are two possible solutions to this issue.  The first is to add an “href” attribute.

<g:Anchor ui:field="detailsLink" href="javascript:;"/>

The second is to use CSS to style the anchor hover property.

      cursor: pointer;

<!-- Other widgets omitted for clarity -->

<g:Anchor ui:field="detailsLink" addStyleNames="{style.anchor}"/>

Either solution works!  I do not know which one is technically more correct.  I will need to keep researching that.

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2 Responses to Get the browser to treat GWT Anchor as a hyperlink

  1. thanks for the post, this is what I was struggling with for a while myself

  2. Nemanja Kovacevic says:

    Thanks, I’ve used css solution, it worked perfectly

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